Fancy Diamond Investment Performance

Investing in Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds is simple, secure, and rewarding. It is not only our profession, but also our passion, to provide you with direct access to the world’s finest investment-quality Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds.

Strategic investments into Natural Coloured Diamonds offer solid returns. We recommend procuring coloured diamonds only from reputable sources such as ourselves and retaining them for a minimum period of five years.

Rare Investment suggests a hold period of 4-6 years, when it’s predicted the Argyle Mine in Australia may run dry (in around 2018). The Argyle mine is best known for its Fancy Pink and extremely rare Fancy Red diamonds.

The wealthy and experienced investor has long recognised the potential of natural coloured diamonds, which often delivers a multitude of returns, greater than that of precious metals, currency or equity.

Blue-Pink-Yellow-appreciationyellow-diamond-appreciation-800px Yellow-Pink Diamond appreciation


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