The Polaris ring from OroDesign

Creative Investments

Rarities of profound value appreciation & status, made to wear & enjoy.

Natural Fancy Diamonds

The earth's most valuable & beautiful treasure.

The new mace for the parliament of South Africa

Artefacts of Significance

The creation of artefacts with significant symbolic and material value, for governments & artists, institutions & individuals.

A gold African wedding band

Bespoke Fine Jewellery

Exquisite, unique jewellery for the discerning individual.

Luxury Objects

Luxurious memorabilia to last for generations.

The Safe Bail attachment holds precious adornments safely

Branded Product Design

Innovation beyond the obvious.

A well-worn jewellery crafting workbench at the OroDesign studio

Modern Day Craft

Ancient & nurtured tradition meets cutting-edge technology, skilfully forming cohesion to exceed expectation.