Feature Diamonds

With white diamonds, the absence of colour is what makes them precious. This combined with other key price determinants, such as carat, cut and clarity, allow colourless diamond values to be followed through well-documented world standards and price lists.

However, in the case of Natural Coloured Diamonds, the properties that determine price are almost exclusively based on colour intensity and depth. Colour grades vary from Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Deep to Fancy Vivid. Round shapes are particularly sought after, as they offer the best jewellery properties, but are also harder to find. Where grading specifications feature colour tones or pure colour grades of blue, green or red, prices increase dramatically.

The majority of natural coloured diamonds feature a combination of colours, e.g. fancy yellow-greenish-brown, or fancy bluish-grey, with a unique and mesmerizingly beautiful result. These incredible and extremely rare diamonds have enjoyed skyrocketing popularity in recent years. Their rarity, coupled with increasing demand has resulted in price appreciation beyond other investment opportunities, with no end to this cycle in sight.



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