The People’s Mace

The preamble of South Africa’s new constitution features in the countries 11 official languages on a book made of 18k yellow gold at the top of a chiselled and engraved drum with artwork representing key sectors of South African society.

The shaft, made of charcoal, coloured anodized aluminium and sectional decorative elements of platinum and gold, as well as black and white diamonds, also features a detailed enamelled Coat Of Arms and indigenous wood inlays. The traditionally beaded national flag, near the base, is a combination of beads made from coloured glass, 18k gold and platinum.

A customised stand in the shape of a stylised elephant tusk was designed, made and installed by OroDesign in order to allow the mace to stand safely upright when on display in the parliamentary chamber.


Artefacts of SignificancePM_Book PM_Full2 PM_NF

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